Not much planned for this month other than just visit the bees whenever the opportunity permits, just for my own peace of mind you understand. No need to open any of the hives, unless any unforeseen catastrophe occurs, as they all have plenty of food and the hives are all weather-proof and secure. I’ve completed the few minor running repairs to the empty meadow hives and they’ve each received a thorough cleaning and scorching prior to a couple of coats of Cuprinol. I’ve noticed that one of the meadow hive stands is looking a little the worse for wear. Not surprising really as it was the first stand that I made and that, some eight or nine years ago. Add to that the fact that all of the stands were made out of reclaimed pallet wood, it’s a minor miracle that they’ve lasted as long as they have, anyway, that’s a job for the Spring. I fitted the mouse guards this week and also recharged the wasp traps. I can’t recall a year when the wasps were more persistent or for further into the year, another sign of global warming I shouldn’t wonder.



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