In case you’re wondering why I’ve included an article on swarming. A few evenings ago, whilst on a rare visit to my local hostelry, I struck up a conversation with one of the locals and when I mentioned that I kept bees for a hobby he replied that amongst other things, he’d always wondered why bees swarm. As we got deeper into the conversation it occurred to me just how little the average public knows about the workings of the honeybee and I remembered an article that I’d written for a local publication some time ago on the subject of swarming. I decided to publish it on the blog in the hope that someone might find it of interest.

At last, and after a great deal of time and effort, the shed base at Station House is finally cemented in place. Luckily, there was enough cement left over to install the mating nuc.stand also so, it was with a real sense of relief that I stood back  and surveyed the finished article.

shed base finished 002





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