Well, it is said that life is full of surprises and following the events of the last two months, I can certainly testify to that. Following a routine blood test I suddenly found myself undergoing a series of tests at The Royal United Hospital in Bath culminating in an interview with a surgical team to learn that I had to come in for surgery three days later.

Laying in my hospital bed I had plenty of time to think of the future, especially my bee-keeping. Fortunately I had given all the hives a portion of fondant before the news of my operation but with no idea of how long I was going to be incapacitated, added to which, I was now as weak as a kitten, my future as a beekeeper seemed increasingly doubtful. Then, out of the blue, a couple of texts followed by ‘phone calls, all from my bee keeping friends and all with offers of help. Proof if proof were needed of the value of belonging to one’s local bee keeping society. Now, with piece of mind I could concentrate on re-joining the Human Race, secure in the knowledge that I should find my bees in good order when, at last I was able to join them.



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