I feel I owe an apology to those of you who have visited my site and been dissapointed that there have been no additions since the site was conceived.As stated at the time,it is my intention to update the site on a regular basis,unfortunately domestic commitments have recently got in the way of this so the site had to take a back seat,as it were.That’s all now sorted,so here goes.

Before I get involved in what we do here at Mendip Apiary and the philosophy behind it,I suppose I should introduce myself and try to explain just how I became a part of the beekeeping fraternity,and if in doing that others are encouraged to join,then that will indeed be reward enough.

Well,my name is Geoff,and how did I get into beekeeping,well it all began just a few years ago when I attended our local village flower show.As is so often the way,within a few minutes of arriving the sunshine turned to torrential rain and I’m talking stair-rods here.I quickly made my way to one of the two tents that were by now,fully erected,which was as luck would have it,the beer tent.Well,even by my standards,nine thirty in the morning is a little early to start on the amber liquid although I seem to remember being able to force one pint down,reluctantly it has to be said.So,a quick look in the other tent and then home I decided.As luck would have it,the other tent was that of Bath Beekeepers Assc.and that is how it all began,I can remember now looking into the observation hive on show,fascinated by just how ordered their little lives seemed,I can remember how all the bees turned towards the queen as she passed by almost as if paying homage.I was spellbound,suddenly it had stopped raining,or if it hadn’t,I was no longer aware of it.And so,that was how it all started for me,and glad to say,that feeling of total fascination has never left me.I never once immagined anything could have so quickly become such a large and important part of my life,so much so that it is hard to recall a time “pre-bee” as it were.So.would I recommend it,I most certainly would, where I went from there, read on.

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