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Mendip Apiary is my beekeeping sanctuary set in the beautiful Somerset countryside. The Apiary currently comprises seven colonies and is situated at the bottom of a three acre meadow.

My favorite view of Mendip Apiart

My favorite view of Mendip Apiary

The meadow is flanked by an assortment of  trees and bushes which afford us a welcome degree of shelter and privacy. Behind the Apiary runs a small brook,the banks of which come alive each Spring with an assortment of snow-drops, primroses and blue-bells. The meadow is only cut three times a year so there is always an abundance of wild flowers and grasses. Cowslips have recently made a welcome appearance. At the top of the meadow, no more than seventy yards from the bees is a small orchard of mixed fruit trees, it is here that I spend or as some would have, waste most of my time. To sit under the apple trees, on a fine Summer’s day, the bees buzzing all around, a variety of butterflies and damselflies in the meadow, looking down to my small Apiary, is to my mind, as good as it gets. This is surely God’s Acre and I love it. I would dearly like to share my beekeeping experiences with you, both triumphs and failures, it is the purpose of this Web site and my intention throughout the coming year. Your comments and criticisms will always be welcome. Please email me at Geoff(at)mendip-apiary.co.uk



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