As usual, nothing much happening around the apiaries, last month and this. The weather hasn’t helped with most of the days that looked promising at first light, deteriorating as the day went on. I was desperately hoping to have erected my shed at the new site by now but, it wasn’t to be. I’m planning to build the shed on a wooden framed base similar to the Mendip Apiary site for two reasons, namely, it makes dismantling and removing the shed fairly simple, should circumstances change, for whatever reason. Also, being six inches or so, above the ground, keeps the whole structure dry. I was very pleased to find not a hint of damp in the floor when I removed the shed from Mendip. Also, it had provided a very nice shelter under which a family of badgers had set up residence, unbeknown to me, I might add. I have managed to complete about half of the floor framework but realistically, it’s going to be well into the new year the job is completed, unless of course, the weather Gods decide to smile on me. So, not much else to be done other than keep an eye on things. I shall continue to visit both sites and heft the hives regularly. As soon as the shed’s up I shall start bringing the empty hive parts inside for their annual Spring clean and fresh dose of Cuprinol, but until then,

We’ve arrived at the end of the month with very little more to report. A dose of Man-flu over Christmas has had me confined to barracks for the most part but. looking ahead to Wednesday when the forecast looks really promising, I’ve really high hopes that at last I’ll be able to have a good push at finishing my shed base.

I want to thank those of you who have made contact this year and hope you all had a lovely Christmas and close by wishing you all A Very Happy New Year.