Here at Mendip Apiary,2010 has been a very good year.I have been very pleased with the honey yield and even more pleasing is the fact that we’ve increased the colony count from three to seven.I’ve had my first attempt at queen rearing,a particular interest of mine and have also managed to put together a number of items which have greatly assisted my beekeeping efforts.All of these I shall be describing later,this in the hope that you might benefit from my clumsy efforts and also take heart from the fact that if I can do it,you surely can.More importantly though,that when you spot that I’m obviously making a mess of things,that you’ll let me know. I assure you whatever your thoughts,your comments will be most welcome.At the very least they’ll tell me that someone has taken the trouble to read this. 



                              THE VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE MEADOW

So a few facts about Mendip Apiary.We are situated at the foot of a meadow on the outskirts of a small ,picturesque village in North Somerset.The meadow belongs to a very good friend of mine and extends to a little over three acres.The grass is only cut three times a year so there is always an abundance of wild flowers,we’ve even had Cowslips making a welcome appearance the last couple of years,I think you will agree with me when I say,”it doesn’t get much better than this”,The pictures will give you an idea of what a lovely spot this is and I can truthfully say,there are very few days when I don’t take the time to count my blessings.The apiary is no more than seventy-five yards from the seats,behind the seats is a small orchard with a variety of fruit trees and behind them are half a dozen or so allotments where I waste the rest of my time.The hedge at the bottom of the meadow hides a small stream whose banks,every Spring come alive with an assortment of snowdrops,primroses and bluebells,there are even a few wild strawberries from time to time.

So as I say,this truly is a beautiful spot,to my mind it’s as good as it gets,and must surely rate as God’s own acre.So there we are,that’s the best I can do to describe Mendip Apiary to you.I hope you now feel in some way able to share it with me.


                                         A CLOSER VIEW


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